Daniel Silva

The Secret Servant

"… a riveting spy novel."


Once again the master spy of the Israeli Secret service, Gabriel Allon, is called to undertake a dangerous mission, this time in Amsterdam, despite his being persona non grata in Europe.

A talented art restorer and efficient assassin, Allon travels across boundaries and moves amongst the powerful of the land with amazing ease. On his mission in Amsterdam he uncovers a serious Islamic plot to kidnap the daughter of the US ambassador in London. He arrives too late to prevent the kidnap but is co-opted into American intelligence to work together to release the girl. He works with a former Islamist activist to search for the missing woman and the chase becomes fast and furious.

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This is a riveting spy novel. The excitement and horror is pretty non-stop and the reader is never sure which way the plot will turn next. True to all spy heroes, Allon is amazingly strong, efficient and attractive. His attitude to the accepted rules of right and wrong make him exceedingly powerful and able to dispose of all in his way. With the plot involving an extreme Islamist group, and the intelligence services of several nations behaving in somewhat cavalier ways, this book is up to date with many of the current issue of the time. The clever trick of the writing is that you feel at the end that the good guy won… but realistically, how honourable is he? A bit like James Bond?!

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