Martin Walker

The Resistance Man

""...has descriptions of food and wine to make you want to take the first ferry over to France..." "


Benoit Courreges, otherwise known as Bruno, is Chef de Police in the small town of St Denis in the Dordogne area of. An old member of the Resistance in Nazi occupied France has finally died and left some intriguing old bank notes that relate back to a daring train robbery in 1944. Thefts of valuable items from holiday homes are also causing concern. When the body of an Englishman is discovered Bruno's concern is increased.

It becomes evident that there is much more involved than a simple murder, particularly as one of the victims of the burglaries is a retired British officer in intelligence. French intelligence officials become involved and Bruno meets up again with an old love. The history of the resistance comes to influence the present.

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This book is a very comforting read. It has a plot with several strands that interweave and come to a satisfying conclusion. There are local ne'er do wells, international thieves and a dash of espionage thrown in for good measure. It has characters to which you can relate and care about. As it is part of a series, Bruno develops as each book comes out and in typically French fashion he enjoys his life in an area which he adores. It is set in beautiful rural France where the local characters add spice and eccentricity. Above all it has descriptions of food and wine to make you want to take the first ferry over to France and to immerse yourself in the life of the Dordogne. Peter Mayle eat your heart out!

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