Jo Nesbo

The Redeemer

""Another exciting and fascinating read from one of our Fresh Blood authors." "


A dramatic shooting of a Salvation Army Officer at a Christmas concert in Oslo is allocated to Harry Hole's team to investigate. Harry is feeling somewhat isolated as his boss and sometime defender, Bjarne Moller, is retiring from the force.

Although Harry has been instrumental in unearthing a gun running corruption racket within the police force, he is not flavour of the month with many of his colleagues. He is still struggling with his drink problem and is no longer with his girlfriend, although he still keeps in touch with her son, Oleg.

There are currents of unease within the ranks of the Salvation Army, as a violent death is discovered amidst the drug takers they work with and there is a strange connection to a contract killer from the Balkans. Relationships and characters are not always as they seem. Harry finds himself in danger as the plot unfolds. He develops a respect for his new boss, and the final surprising twist of the story involves his old boss...

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Harry Hole is a determined and focused cop for whom the apprehension of the villains is paramount. At the same time he is a troubled individual who lives hard and drives himself so much that his private life suffers. In this he is like many of the favourite detectives of crime fiction - Rebus, Morse, Wallander and many others. However, Hole has an additional problem in that he has also been fighting crime within his own force. This emphasises his loneliness and isolation. His vulnerability is what makes him an attractive character and engages our sympathy. You want to know what happens to him, whilst despairing sometimes at his actions. As well as the character of Harry Hole, Jo Nesbo throws a light onto the underworld of Oslo and the tensions existing in the fictional group of the Salvation Army. A psychological slant on motives and actions is also explored. Another exciting and fascinating read from one of our Fresh Blood authors.

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