Jane Casey

The Reckoning

"...hard to put down."


To the public, he's a hero: a killer who targets convicted paedophiles.

Two men are dead already - tortured to death.

Even the police don't regard the cases as a priority. Most feel that two dead paedophiles is a step in the right direction.

But to DC Maeve Kerrigan, no one should be allowed to take the law into their own hands. Young and inexperienced, Kerrigan wants to believe that murder is murder no matter what the sins of the victim. However, as the killer's violence begins to escalate, she is forced to confront exactly how far she's prepared to go to ensure justice is served.

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Although part of a series featuring DC Maeve Kerrigan, the Reckoning is the first book I have read by this author. Throughout the book there are numerous references to previous events and I feel I would have appreciated the story and characters more had I have read the books in sequence as there was a lot of history I had no knowledge of, and, unlike some other authors, Casesy makes reference to these events without giving any further explanations. The main character, Maeve Kerrigan, was quite hard to like at times. I found her to be rather too dogmatic, stubborn, and in some ways emotionally immature. Maybe this made her more 'life like' but I found her obstinance to be rather irritating. That said, the other characters did not have this effect on me. The plot was rather clever and moved from one story to another, with many different threads and events, makng for a thriller with a different take on it. Although I enjoyed the author's style of writing, I was confused when three quarters of the way through the book, instead of it being written from Maeve's perpective in the first person suddenly shifted to another character. I felt this was too far into the book to work and found it hard to follow which character was narrating. However, I did thoroughly enjoy this book and found it hard to put down.

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