Robert Crais

The Promise

"..the perfect holiday read."


Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are joined by SUSPECT heroes, Scott James and his K-9 partner, Maggie, in this story where Elvis is hired to locate a woman who may have disappeared with a stranger she met online. It seems like an ordinary case - until Elvis learns the missing woman worked for a defence contractor and was being blackmailed to supply explosives components for a person or persons unknown.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, LAPD officer, Scott James and his patrol dog, Maggie, enter an abandoned building to locate an armed and dangerous thief, only to discover far more than they expected. The fugitive is dead, the building is filled with explosives, and Scott and Maggie are assaulted by a hidden man who escapes in the chaos, all as a bloodied Joe Pike watches from the shadows.

Soon, Scott and Maggie find themselves targeted by that man and, as their case intertwines with Elvis and Joe's, join forces to follow the trail of the missing woman as well. From inner-city drug traffickers to a shadowy group of Afghan war veterans with ties to a terrorist cell, the people they encounter on that trail add up to ever-increasing odds, and soon the four of them are fighting to find the woman not only before she is killed ... but before the same fate happens to one of them.

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This guy is so good he should be available on the NHS. 'Here's your Robert Crais prescription, sir/madam!' Those readers who love the dynamic that Crais has formulated over the years with Cole and Pike, might be a tad disappointed that Scott James and Maggie take up much of the narrative in this novel. Setting that aside, pick up one of this guy's books and you know exactly what you are in for: tight prose, snappy dialogue and action all the way. I for one enjoyed the scenes with Maggie in them and felt a real sense of concern that something might happen to the mutt. 'The Promise' is the perfect holiday read. Crais takes you to the edge of your seat and keeps you there till the satisfying and thrilling end.

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