Peter Robinson

The Price of Love

"..a good introduction to those new to Peter Robinson's writing."


This collection of short stories show the range of Peter Robinson's work. Each story has appeared in an anthology elsewhere, with the exception of Like a Virgin which was written especially for this book. The stories that do not feature DI Banks, Robinson's popular detective, are set in a variety of places and periods. They include a Toronto noir story, originally published in instalments and a tale of extra-marital skulduggery where fidelity is a dirty word.

The Banks stories are a mix of classic Banks crime and a more reflective tale of a potential suicide. The final novella turns to Banks' roots and describes the case that ended his career in the Metropolitan police and took him to Eastvale in Yorkshire.

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Peter Robinson has created a solid fan base with his novels featuring DI Banks. In the series Banks has 'matured' from a family man running away from his London demons to a single experienced detective who is at a loss when he isn't working. The Banks stories in this book work well because they span the different periods in Banks' life. By far the best is the novella set in 1980s Soho. It contains a few unexpected (and perhaps unwelcome) surprises for Banks fans but it was a joy to see the character of Superintendant Grimsthorpe again. The plot is very well developed and nicely captures the mood of Soho in the 1980s. The non-Banks stories are a mixed bunch with some working better than others. I particularly liked Walking the Dog where there are no heroes and plenty of villains. This is a good solid book for fans and a good introduction to those new to Peter Robinson's writing.

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