Neil Broadfoot

The Point of No Return

"Murder is ugly, but Broadfoot’s prose is beautiful."


After more than a decade of being in prison for the brutal murder of two Stirling University students, Colin Sanderson has been released after his conviction was found to be unsafe.

Returning home to a small village not far from Stirling, Sanderson refuses police protection, even in the face of a death threat. But the PR firm that has scooped him up to sell his story does know of a protection expert in Stirling.

Connor Fraser reluctantly takes the assignment, partly as a favour to DCI Malcolm Ford, who is none too keen to have Sanderson on the loose, particularly as he was involved in the original investigation that saw him imprisoned.

When a body is found, mutilated in the same way as Sanderson's victims were, all eyes fall on the released man. But how can he be the killer when Connor's own security detail gives him an alibi?

As Connor races to uncover the truth, he is forced to confront not only Sanderson's past but his own, and a secret that could change his life forever.

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Whenever a new Scottish writer emerges onto the scene, they're often described as 'the new Rankin', but in my opinion, they've all fallen short. Nobody can match the style, pace, structure and drama as Ian Rankin… well, until now... meet Neil Broadfoot. Broadfoot is the author of the original and gripping Connor Fraser series and 'The Point of No Return' is the third. If you haven't read the previous two, you can read this as a standalone as previous character relationships are recapped in a way that doesn't feel like filler. However, I urge you to read from the beginning as this is a series you do not want to miss. Connor Fraser, a security expert, is a classic protagonist, a match for any of the leading Scottish detectives. His complex life and family problems make him well-rounded and an everyman. We'll all be able to relate to some of his issues and that's what makes these books particularly entertaining. Fraser isn't a maverick. He's just a regular bloke. The plot, like those of Rankin's novels, is complex, intriguing, and gripping throughout. The murders, though disturbing and gruesome, are not voyeuristic and are written with sensitivity. Murder is ugly, but Broadfoot's prose is beautiful. Connor, Donna and Malcolm are an excellent team and the characters gel well together, and it will be interesting to seem them develop as the series progresses. 'The Point of No Return' is wonderfully crafted with plenty of action and will keep you turning the pages until the gripping finale. A series to be cherished.

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