The Photographer

"...Robertson deserves every award available for writing such a powerful book."


A dawn raid leads the police to a chilling discovery: a disturbing collection of photographs hidden under the floorboards. DI Rachel Narey is terrified at the potential scale of what they’ve found and of what brutalities it may signal. There is a monster on the streets of Glasgow.

It’s is now a race against time to find the other unknown subjects of the photographer’s lens - before he strike again.

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I have been a fan of Craig Robertson since his first novel, ‘Random’. There is a particular murder in that book that has stayed with me ever since. Such is the raw talent of Robertson’s fiction that this latest novel will be haunting my dreams for weeks to come. ‘The Photographer’ is powerful, disturbing, shocking, relentless and possibly the best crime thriller of the year. The subject matter of a brutal rapist is sensitively tackled. The horror faced by the victims, the cold-heartened nature of the perpetrator, the loop holes of the law are all examined with unerring clarity. I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. It’s a devastating page-turner, a brutal insight into today’s society of internet trolls and blame proportioning. At times it makes for unsettling reading, but this is a subject matter not to shy away from and Robertson deserves every award available for writing such a powerful book. The main characters of DI Rachel Narey and her journalist husband Tony Winter are a formidable creation. Narey is a gutsy, no-nonsense force of nature and Winter is a terrier once he gets his teeth into a story. However, they’re both incredibly likeable. Throwing retired detective Uncle Danny into the mix is always entertaining and he makes sure sparks fly. If you’ve yet to discover this series, start now and find out why Craig Robertson is one of Scotland’s best crime writers around.

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