Andrea Camilleri

The Patience of the Spider

"Camilleri is a witty, intelligent writer who knows how to draw in a reader and keep them wanting more."


Inspector Salvo Montalbano is recovering from the gunshot wound that he received in Rounding the Mark when he is asked to investigate the kidnapping of a young woman in a closed community in Scilly. As he investigates the mysterious disappearance he finds himself slowly coming back to life and becoming interested in what is going on around him. However, with a number of issues praying on his mind – not least his relationship with his long time lover, Livia - it appears that this investigation may be his saving grace.

As the investigation progresses Montalbano realises that this is no ordinary kidnapping and it is the odd anomalies that make him realise that there is more going on than meets the eye. Clearly he cannot leave the investigation to his subordinates to deal with and he does not want to give anyone the chance to put him out to grass...

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The Patience of the Spider is the eighth in this excellent series featuring the irascible Police Inspector Montalbano. In this latest book, as much as Camilleri is interested in the crime, the tumult within Montabano, and how he copes with it, is also exposed. Long time readers will be well conversant with Montalbano's idiosyncrasies and they are part of what make him such an interesting character. This is a wonderful series that at times has a slightly surreal feel about it, but it is often the very absurdity of what often goes on at times which proves to be the highlight of the novel. Camilleri is a witty, intelligent writer who knows how to draw in a reader and keep them wanting more. From his poetic descriptions of Sicily to the sharp, witty and ironic comedic moments - along with the sly but perceptive comments on Italian life and culture - these are clearly the things that keep this series fresh and interesting. Doubtless long time loyal readers will keep coming back for more. You don't have to be a lover of all things Italian to enjoy this series - only someone who basks in the exquisite writing of a good novelist mingled with a protagonist whose enjoyment of life is under constant pressure from those around him. Sit back and relish a very alluring series.

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