Mario Reading

The Nostradamus Prophecies

"The deep knowledge that the author has of Nostradamus’ works is evident throughout the novel ..."


Nostradamus originally made 1000 prophecies but only 942 were ever uncovered.

A French gypsy tries to sell information of the missing 58 verses to 2 different parties. Firstly to Achor Bale, who represents an ancient society clouded in secrecy. The second possible purchaser is desperate writer Adam Sabir, who is trying to breathe new life into a struggling career.

Bale kills the gypsy and pursues Sabir who ends up hiding with the family of the murdered gypsy. This leads to a race across France and Spain as both parties follow the clues left by the dead gypsy in their attempts to find Nostradamus' missing 58 quatrains.

The missing verses contain the secret of the third “Antichrist” who follows after Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler, details of the second coming and also the date of the Apocalypse.

Will it be the evil society which has supported previous “Antichrists” or will it be the author and his gypsy companions who discover the lost prophecies first?

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A spectacular debut novel from Mario Reading, which enthrals the reader from the first page in a tale which educates and entertains. The strong characters who make the story their own and draw you into their world are one of the best things about this tale. At times Reading's prose made me feel as if I was really there with the characters and I was made to feel their emotions, even when they were reliving memories. Achor Bale is a wonderful creation who is utterly believable as the murderous psychotic representing the ancient society, while Adam Sabir is a well depicted antihero whose original reason for finding the missing quatrains is borne out of greed as he intends to publish them and make his fortune. His gypsy helpers Yola and Alexi are both complex, yet simple in their depiction. The deep knowledge that the author has of Nostradamus' works is evident throughout the novel and the insights into gypsy life, customs and beliefs were enchanting. There has obviously been considerable research done on this tome although Reading has previously published 2 non fiction books about Nostradamus. This was a book I thoroughly enjoyed and I will be on the lookout for any further books by this author.

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