Caro Ramsay

The Night Hunter

"Loved, loved, loved this book."


Elvie McCulloch's sister Sophie goes missing after heading out for a run. Several young women in the area have disappeared in similar circumstances and Elvie’s family fears the worst.

As Elvie is driving to her new job late at night, the naked, emaciated body of a young woman crashes from the cliff above on to an oncoming car and Elvie recognises her as Lorna Lennox, who has also been missing for weeks.

Teaming up with retired detective Billy Hopkirk, who has been retained by the mother of one of the missing girls to find her daughter, Elvie is determined to find out the truth, but, as the pair alternately collaborate with and infuriate the official investigating team of Anderson and Costello, they find themselves up against a terrifying enemy - someone who has killed before. Someone who preys on young women. Someone they call ‘The Night Hunter’.

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Magic. Pure magic. Loved, loved, loved this book. Elvie McCulloch, along with Billy Hopkirk will surely be the two most unlikely heroes of a crime novel you will come across, and two of the most fascinating. Beautifully and convincingly drawn, they pull you through a plot that will have you guessing right up to the last page. Ramsay has proven herself to be a brave writer in the past and yet again she takes risk: by not putting her known detectives front and centre and instead using the unlikely pairing I’ve just described. But she’s a writer at the top of her game and gets you onside from the off. The action moves between Glasgow and Argyllshire: in particular the wonderfully atmospheric area around surely the best-named road in the country – the Rest and Be Thankful. The author serves up a feast of characters and a fascinating family dynamic along with a worryingly claustrophobic feel and a twist of that famous Ramsay humour. Then there’s the water clock, which must be the most ingenuous and multi-purpose time-piece you’ll come across in fiction. But I’m saying too much. Get the book already!

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