Meg Gardiner

The Memory Collector

"..plummets you through page after page of sheer excitement."


Jo Beckett is called to an incident on a plane at San Francisco just landed from London. Jo's 'victims' are usually dead but this one is very much alive and upset. Ian Kanan believes his family is being held captive – but how can anyone believe him when he knows his name, his address, his history and yet cannot recall a conversation he had five minutes ago?

In the local hospital, Jo looks at Kanan's x-rays to see that something is eating his brain, stopping him from forming new memories. Whatever could this man have in his possession or been in contact with to cause this catastrophic affliction? Kanan escapes the hospital to find his family. However, Jo has one more encounter with his to see that he has names written on his arm and the words, 'They die'.

Chasing this man and his deteriorating brain, Jo must try and piece together with her new beau, Gabe, and quirky sidekick, Tang, to find out what chemical menace is threatening the streets and stop a killer who doesn't even recall what he has done or where he is going in a night where time is short…

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Gardiner has been away for a while but she is back with Jo Beckett in what can only be described as a thumping good read. The full-on pace is set from page one when Kanan is apprehended on the plane for trying to open the plane door whilst still in the air. The moment when Kanan escapes the hospital is when the book really shifts in to fifth gear and revs up, feeling somewhat like a runaway car without any brakes! Gardiner keeps her foot on the throttle or on your throat – take your pick! – and plummets you through page after page of sheer excitement. This is one of those books that makes you sit down - and when you next look up hours have passed. All the action is very filmic and this novel brings you a film in your mind via the page. By the end of The Memory Collector I felt physically exhausted having mentally run through the whole of San Francisco with Jo Beckett. Boy! She's one fit gal! Meg is being touted as the female Lee Child – I definitely believe she could give him a run for his money. Meg is back! And she's definitely in the driving seat!!!

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