Will Adams

The Lost Labyrinth

""...tightly wound and marvellously fast paced..." "


The evening before a sensational revelation at a conference, the reclusive archaeologist Roland Petitier is found dying in his Athens hotel room. Why did a police officer beat Augustin Pascal into a coma and why is the Georgian psychopath Mikhail Nergadze so interested in Petitiers discovery?

Daniel Knox and his partner Gaille Bonnard set out to clear Pascal's name and are drawn ever deeper into the complexities of a mystery concerning as yet undiscovered ancient artefacts and political high stakes. This quest leads them into contact with the thoroughly amoral Nergadze and his murderous henchmen.

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Having read both of the previous books featuring Daniel Knox and Gaille Bonnard, when it came to reviewing this book I was expecting yet another rollercoaster ride through antiquity. As ever Adams does not disappoint with a characteristically fast paced thriller. Daniel Knox is growing in stature as a character apace with Adams' development as an author. The introspection shown in the few slower moments is wonderful as is the depiction of all characters especially the hideous Mikhail Nergadze. The relationship between Knox and Gaille is allowed to blossom as a compliment to the main storyline without ever becoming mawkish or overly sentimental. The plot is tightly wound and marvellously fast paced with barely time for the reader to pause. The book carries you along and it is nearly impossible to put down. I managed to read it inside 48 hours which included a day at work and a trip to the pub! For me Will Adams deserves to be mentioned along with the other great authors in this genre including Dan Brown, Raymond Khoury and Chris Kuzneski. If Dan Brown could write like Adams then he would receive little criticism from the literary press.

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