Michael Dobbs

The Lords’ Day

"..an exciting and gripping story, with an unexpected twist in its tail."


It is the State Opening of Parliament, and the great and the good are all assembled in the House of Lords to hear the Queen deliver the Queen's Speech to the members of her House of Lords and as many members of the House of Commons as can be squeezed into the Upper Chamber: an ideal opportunity for terrorists to make an emphatic point about the treatment of their families in their homeland...

It is also an opportunity for money to be made and revenge executed in unexpected quarters. Enter Harry Jones, a wealthy, intelligent man of action who puts all his experience in the armed forces and as a Member of Parliament at the service of the accumulated powers that set out to defend the land.

Add a touch of political backstabbing and power struggles, a dash of tension and violent action, and you have a recipe for an exciting and gripping story, with an unexpected twist in its tail.

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The story line is excellent and emphasises the point that many must have thought: that the such magnificent state occasions would provide an ideal opportunity for various terrorist groups to make their point, particularly if their own survival is not important. The assumption is that this would be such an obvious target that security must be of the highest order. Michael Dobbs postulates the position that this is not necessarily the case and describes a possible outcome. The outstanding quality of this book is that the author has wide and deep knowledge of the background to the characters and the plot depends on his insider information. His view of the possible relationship between the Queen and Prince Charles is also interesting. Bearing in mind the success of the television series House of Cards , based on his trilogy, I can also see this as a television series which would have the audience on the edge of their seats.

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