Michael Connelly

The Law of Innocence

"This book got me from the first page..."


Defence attorney, Mickey Haller is pulled over by police, who find the body of a client in the trunk of his Lincoln. Haller is charged with murder and can't make the exorbitant $5 million bail slapped on him by a vindictive judge.

Mickey elects to defend himself and must strategize and build his defence from his jail cell in the Twin Towers Correctional Center in downtown Los Angeles, all the while looking over his shoulder - as an officer of the court he is an instant target.

Mickey knows he's been framed. Now, with the help of his trusted team, including Harry Bosch, he has to figure out who has plotted to destroy his life and why. Then he has to go before a judge and jury and prove his innocence.

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'The Law of Innocence' sees both of Connolly's best characters, Bosch and Haller, working together, bringing the best of both worlds; a riveting investigation and a thrilling courtroom drama. Haller, King of the Courtroom, needs to use all his skills as a showman and throw as many curveballs as possible to keep the DA from his heels who is very keen to win this case. 'The Law of Innocence' follows the same group of characters through each book, with events in their lives being time relevant and each of them growing up and older, rather than just picking up from the end of the last book. Haller is slightly more subdued in this book as this time the case he is fighting is personal. Although he manages to have some aces up his sleeve, his courtroom demeanour is toned down. It will be interesting to see where Connolly goes with this and whether his experience on the other side of the law has any bearing on how he defends cases in the future. This book got me from the first page and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. For those who love a nail-biting courtroom drama, this one is for you!

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