Dick Wolf

The Intercept

""...Wolf has written a thriller that not only keeps you guessing, it intrigues until the very last page." "


A few days before the dedication of a Freedom Tower on the site of Ground Zero in New York, five passengers and a flight attendant foil the inept hijacking of an SAS aircraft from Sweden to the US. These six people become instant celebrities, meeting the US President and being feted on TV. Jeremy Fisk of the NYPD Intelligence Division, however, thinks there is more to it than a hijacking. He suspects that something big is about to happen in New York.

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If you enjoy reading into the wee small hours, then this is your kind of book. It opens with various plot strands, which are drawn together in a plot that keeps you guessing and wanting to read on, even when your eyelids are drooping. Osama Bin Laden has already been taken out. And yet he casts a long shadow. You know, as well as Jeremy Fisk, that the hijacking just doesn't hold together, and that somehow, from the grave, Bin Laden has set things in motion. And you know that the various strands – the Yemeni hijacker, Awaan Abdulraheem, the Saudi, Baada Bin-Hezam, and the American woman, Kathleen Burnett, who converted to Islam with the name Aminah Bint Mohammed, are merely players in something much bigger. But what is this 'something much bigger'? The book reads like a thriller with a 'whodunit' thrown in. Who is the real villain? Just what is the evil deed that this villain is planning? Can Jeremy Fisk prevent it? The clues are all there. Fisk is a deceptively complicated character. He has a back story which isn't explained in this book. Maybe, if this turns into a series, it will be. And one strand of the ending is totally unexpected. In some ways, Wolf has subverted the genre, but he has done so in a way that just seems so right. Dick Wolf is the man behind the TV series, 'Law and Order', and here Wolf has written a thriller that not only keeps you guessing, it intrigues until the very last page.

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