Jørn Lier Horst

The Inner Darkness

""...hugely entertaining and one you won’t want to put down." "


Tom Kerr is a convicted killer of young girls. After some time in prison he volunteers a confession about the disappearance of another young girl and offers to show the police where she is buried, in exchange for a transfer to a different prison. Chief Inspector Wisting attends the circus that is Kerr's unveiling of the site. It is within his jurisdiction but the arrangements are all being handled by Kripos' Cold Case Unit under Adrian Stiller. Things go badly wrong and Kerr escapes, apparently with the help of 'the other man', suspected of helping Kerr with the original murders. This theory is strengthened when the body of another girl murdered in the same way as Kerr's victims is discovered. Kerr however was still in prison. The hunt is on to find these two killers before they have the chance to kill again. Wisting finds himself taking the blame for mishandling the situation, largely because of a longstanding feud with the officer in charge of investigating police behaviour.

Add to this Wisting's daughter Line's employment by the Cold Case Unit as a professional photographer and you have a situation where tensions are high.

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Jørn Lier Horst brings his experience as a senior police officer to his talent as a writer of exciting fiction to produce this series of books with Chief Inspector William Wisting as the hero. This means that the background and story is truly authentic and the story wings along providing suspense and excitement by the bucket-load. Wisting is a strong character, sufficiently troubled to be interesting but not completely overwhelmed by his problems and capable of building a solid life for himself and defending himself against unfair adversaries. One of the Scandi writers whose work has transferred well to the screen, Jørn Lier Horst will be back again on television to entertain us I'm sure, but in the meantime 'The Inner Darkness' is hugely entertaining and one you won't want to put down.

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