Robert Wilson

The Ignorance of Blood

""This is a sensitive and satisfying exploration of the way Javier moves on. " "


This is the last book in the Inspector Javier quartet, set in Seville. Inspector Jefe Javier Falcon is called in when a suitcase containing millions of Euros is discovered in a car involved in a massive crash. Both drivers are dead and suspicions of Russian Mafia connections make big waves in the establishment.

A vicious and violent war for ascendancy develops between different factions of the Mafia. A bomb attack in Seville involving religious conspiracy, a brutal murder of one of Javier's contacts, connections with a long time friend turned spy and the kidnapping of someone close to Falcon are all inter-related and push him into making some difficult and life changing decisions.

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Inspector Javier is an introspective detective who has experienced psychological problems in the past and is now reviewing and re-evaluating his life as a detective. He has a sensitive understanding of people and is committed to deep and satisfying relationships both romantically and as a friend. These come under strain as a result of his deep involvement in his work and ultimately he has to choose which life he wants to pursue. This is a sensitive and satisfying exploration of the way Javier moves on. There are some graphic and horrific descriptions of the violence with which Inspector Javier lives and the plot moves on at a pace and demands attention. Set against the background of romantic and day-to-day Seville, which is described in beautiful and evocative prose, this is an excellent read.

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