Simon Scarrow

The Honour of Rome

""I am running out of superlatives for Mr Scarrow and his amazing ‘Eagles of the Empire’ series""


A.D. 59. Fifteen years after he fought Britannia's barbarians during the Roman invasion, Centurion Macro is back. The province is tense. There is restlessness amongst the tribes that have supposedly accepted Roman rule, while the atmosphere in Londinium is menacing. Newly discharged from the army, Macro is missing the camaraderie and drama of battle. But soon he will need all his courage and skills to survive.

Gangs of thugs run the city. When Macro resists, a brutal attack serves as punishment and warning. But the mobsters have made a deadly error. Britannia's veterans stand with their own. And Macro will soon have a powerful ally: Prefect Cato. Friends who have battled across the Empire together, Macro and Cato make a formidable team. They will fight to the death to protect the honour of Rome.

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I am running out of superlatives for Mr Scarrow and his amazing 'Eagles of the Empire' series – although I will try my best! I open these books and immediately fall into wherever Scarrow places his latest book. You can sense Scarrow's love of History and his respect for it. I love his characterisation, especially Petronella, Macros' wife who is not the sort of wife to stand on the sidelines when the going gets tough. As she says herself, Petronella is more than happy to feed some upstart his own balls! Cato arrives midway and this Roman dynamic duo are off to sort out the gangs of Londinium. Scarrow finishes this book off with an ellipsis, tantalisingly dangling that there will be more from Marco and Cato in the next instalment. Scarrow is a master storyteller and shows there is more than enough life to bring us book 21 and beyond!

Reviewed By:

Chris Simmons