Neil Spring

The Haunted Shore

""If James Herbert and Ruth Rendell had ever collaborated, they would have created ‘The Haunted Shore’.""


When Lizzy moves to a desolate shore, she hopes to find sanctuary. But a mysterious stranger is waiting for her, her father's carer, and when darkness falls, something roams this wild stretch of beach, urging Lizzy to investigate its past. The longer she stays, the more the shore's secrets begin to stir. Secrets of a sea that burned, of bodies washed ashore – and a family's buried past reaching into the present.

And when Lizzy begins to suspect that her father's carer is a dangerous imposter with sinister motives, a new darkness rises. What happens next is everyone's living nightmare…

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A brand new novel by bestselling writer Neil Spring is released just as the days are getting shorter, the nights longer and the temperatures dropping. The atmosphere is set for a chilling psychological thriller that will cause you to jump at every sound and sleep with the lights on. From the opening chapters we find out about Lizzy's lifestyle and her personal issues. She's untrustworthy and unreliable. Is she seeing dangers where there aren't any? As usual, Spring's deliciously fluid prose entices us into the story. The first person narrative is a useful device to make the reader feel part of the action and with the deft descriptions of the treacherous Suffolk coastline, we can almost feel the spray from the waves as they come crashing down. That is Spring's power as a writer. It isn't just the characters and the plot that make the story come alive, it's the location too. Suffolk is almost a character in its own right as its past and present collide to dramatic effect. This truly is a page-turner of a psychological thriller where no character can be trusted. If you're a fan of trying to guess the solution, don't bother here, as you never will. Allow the story to flow over you and enjoy the journey. The finale is heart-breaking and beautifully handled and the secret behind the haunted shore is genuinely spine-tingling. This is a disturbing, brilliantly written thriller. If James Herbert and Ruth Rendell had ever collaborated, they would have created 'The Haunted Shore'.

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