Graham Smith

The Harry Charters Chronicles

" attention to detail and a dark twist."


Join gumshoe detective Harry Charters as he tries to escape his demons with a shot of bourbon and a mystery chaser. His investigations include a rigged poker game, a missing teenager and tales of domestic strife. He also gets himself into the middle of gangland power struggles and comes head to head with a crime family who run an entire town.

Harry Charters is not the kinda guy who calls the cops. Instead he dispenses his own brutal justice as he rights wrongs and settles balances. Will he come out on top or will the bottle get the better of him? Read Harry Charters Chronicles to find out.

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Harry Charters is an old school detective, who whilst taking cases, also has his own brand of justice which he dispenses without thought. The stories are more noir based, short, gritty and violent and have something that keeps you hooked all the way through. Although part of me wants these stories to be padded out more and dig deeper, in actuality the fact that they are short and to the point of abrupt is part of the charm. The short, sharp dialogue, quick plot and clues to the answer all still have an attention to detail and a dark twist. Short stories are often too long, lack depth or often feel like a longer take that's been over edited; these are to me what short stories should be. I look forward to more from Graham Smith.

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