Mark Gimenez

The Governor’s Wife

"...despite the slow start, this is another enjoyable read from this particular author."


Bode Bonner is the Republican governor of Texas. He has everything he ever wanted: money, power, influence. But something isn't right in his life - everything feels too settled and easy. He longs for one more moment of excitement, one more challenge.

Lindsay Bonner is Bode's wife, and she's bored too. Bored of Bode's womanising, bored of the endless cocktail parties and receptions. She is desperate to break free of her bland, wealthy Texan lifestyle. And that moment comes when she saves a poor Hispanic boy's life. From that moment on, nothing will be the same for Bode and Lindsay Bonner. Their lives are about to change in ways they could never have predicted.

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Unlike previous novels by this author, 'The Governor's Wife' took some time to really get going. Only by persevering nearly a third of the way through did the book start to get going. Up until this point, characters were being built, and in my view, too many superfluous conversations and situations were written. At one point I nearly gave up as I thought that this would be the tone throughout the book. However, once past a certain point, the book suddenly started moving much more quickly and it was easy to forget the previous two hundred pages that seemed to drag. Some of the characters were not particularly easy to like or associate with, but I do feel that although Bode Bonner was one of these characters, there was some irony in his creation. I truly enjoyed the latter part of the book and found myself racing through it once the story got started and I (surprisingly) found myself unable to put the book down. On the whole, despite the slow start, this is another enjoyable read from this particular author.

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