Dean Koontz

The Good Guy

""The Good Guy is not a book to be missed." "


After a hard day's work, Tim Carrier slakes his thirst at the Lamplighter Tavern. But how could he have imagined that the stranger who sits down next to him one evening is about to enmesh him in a web of murder and deceit?

When his wayward sense of humour leads him to let a misconception over his identity stand for a moment, he is drawn into a very dangerous world from which there is no way back. The company of strangers has cost him his peace of mind - and possibly his life.

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It took slightly longer to get into this book than usual for Koontz - page 10 or 11 rather than page 1! From that point on this book was, as usual, impossible to put down. Koontz has an uncanny knack of making his lead character perfect, with very few flaws, but also immensely likeable. Some other authors struggle with this and the effect is a smug, egotistical person for whom it is impossible to feel any empathy. Koontz' ability to give each of the characters such depth makes the reader want to know what happens to them and really care. The humour in the book is perfectly placed and the imagination of the plots and scheming of the characters is second to none. After whizzing through the booking I was slightly disappointed by Koontz using a rather well-worn ending, but even so… The Good Guy is not a book to be missed.

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