Joseph Finder

The Fixer

"..the latest in a series of great thrillers from a fantastic author."


Two months ago, reporter Rick Hoffman was dining at the Four Seasons with the power elite of Boston. Now he's too poor to replace the light bulbs in his dad's old house. Rick - fired by his magazine, dumped by his fiancé, rejected by his society friends - is down to his last dime - until he discovers millions of dollars hidden in the walls of the attic. But how did it get there? And who else knows about it? Only one person could know the answer. Rick's father: a man who's been in a nursing home, speechless, for twenty years. Now Rick must bring his father's hidden past to light - before deadly enemies find a way to silence father and son for good.

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I love a good everyman thriller and with 'The Fixer', Finder has excelled himself. So determined was I to stay up and finish this book, I made myself a cup of coffee at 1.00am on a 'school' night! Believe me, it was worth the next day's exhaustion. The finding of family secrets is not new ground, but Finder approaches the topic with ingenuity and fresh ideas to create a suspense-laden plot. The central character of Rick Hoffman is crafted in such a way that the readers' empathy for him grows as the chapters fly past. In short, 'The Fixer' is the latest in a series of great thrillers from a fantastic author.

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