J.D. Barker

The Fifth To Die

"This book is faultless."


Detective Sam Porter and his team are brought in to investigate but it's not long before another girl goes missing. The press believes the serial killer, Anson Bishop, has struck again but Porter knows differently. The deaths are too different, there's a new killer on the loose.

Porter is distracted. He's still haunted by Bishop and his victims, even after the FBI have removed him from the case. His only leads: a picture of a female prisoner and a note from Bishop: 'Help me find my mother. I think it's time she and I talked.'

As more girls go missing and Porter's team race to stop the body count rising, Porter disappears to track down Bishop's mother and discover that the only place scarier than the mind of a serial killer is the mind of the mother from which he came.

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Porter is back on the case of the Four Monkey Killer who managed to evade capture in the previous book, 'The Fourth Monkey'. It would definitely help to read this book before 'The Fifth to Die'. Partly because there is so much reference to this story line (but mostly because 'The Fourth Monkey' is such a great book). With the book written from multiple viewpoints; Porter, the victims and other members of the investigating team, this results with the plot being thrown at you from many different directions. I promise you will be hooked from the first page. Barker manages to get a real feeling of the darkness of all the killings. The police investigation into the murders is kept interesting with clues and red herrings being tossed into the mix. There is so much to read and so much going on in 'The Fifth to Die' and it takes some time to plough through all the pages, but you will as you have to know what happens. However, I felt I was left hanging at the end. This is great as I will want to read the next book in the series to find out what is happening, but not so great as by the time the next book is published I will have forgotten half of what happened in this one! That is the only negative - and that is purely due to Barker not writing fast enough for me! This book is faultless. Absolutely gripping.

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