Tom Wood

The Enemy

""‘The Enemy’ is a first class action thriller which will have readers on the edge of their seats." "


Meet Victor. He's the world's deadliest assassin, locked in an uneasy alliance with the CIA. And he has a list: three names, three victims. But with each name he crosses off, the game grows far more complex - and far more lethal.

With a woman to protect and a conspiracy to unravel, the perfect assassin is now the perfect target. Zooming from Moscow to London to Washington, Victor has to make his way through a mission loaded with suspense, twists and sex appeal.

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Having voted Tom Wood's previous book into the Crimesquad Top Ten for 2011, there was a heightened sense of excitement in my household when 'The Enemy' dropped through my door. Not once was I disappointed as I raced my way through this book. From start to finish there is gunplay, action, intrigue and more than enough twists to keep the reader guessing. Victor is slowly and steadily being fleshed out by Wood into one of the stars of the action thriller. The highly skilled assassin would give Reacher, Hunter or Fox a real run for their money. He also has a fine brain as well as a range of murderous skills. Adrianna does a fine job of humanising Victor with her presence and the opposing forces of Kasakov, Clarke, and Yarmout all add to the novel in different ways. With short sharp sentences Wood drives the novel forward at an ever escalating pace until the final scene which would be worthy of inclusion in any of this summer's action blockbuster movies. Throughout the novel the style of writing is very visual and cinematic. The plot is basically straightforward but has been given layers and twists to elevate the story and keep the reader turning those pages. All in all 'The Enemy' is a first class action thriller which will have readers on the edge of their seats.

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