Will Adams

The Eden Legacy

""Will Adams serves up yet another fine helping of adventure, intrigue and history." "


Off the coast of Madagascar underwater archaeologist Daniel Knox is in hiding and is working under an alias while searching for the wreck of a Chinese treasure ship. When an old friend and her father disappear from their idyllic Eden nature reserve, he breaks cover to investigate.

This gives a perfect opportunity for Georgian gangster Ilya Nergadze to pick up his trail. He sends a pair of hit men after Knox to settle an old score. Also headed to Eden is TV zoologist Rebecca Kirkpatrick who is determined to find her estranged sister and father.

As the pair chase their answers it becomes startlingly clear that Eden's beautiful reefs and forests hide secrets which can rewrite the history of the New World.

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Will Adams serves up yet another fine helping of adventure, intrigue and history. The pace of the book will cause readers to miss appointments, family occasions and even meals as you just have to know what happens next. The plot is a fairly straightforward old fashioned race to find someone in distress while being pursued by bad guys. Knox is still mentally recovering from the events of his last adventure and this gives Adams a chance to play with his emotions in a new way. Rebecca is a take-no-nonsense character and there are some wonderful exchanges between the two. The Georgian hoods disappointed me slightly as they were not up to the standards set by previous characters Knox has had to face. When all is said and done, The Eden Legacy is a welcome addition to the Daniel Knox series of adventures and Adams has again given me some great entertainment.

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