The Drowning Man

"The story involves a masterly sleight of hand…"


Found clinging to a life buoy in the River Thames, Vincent Ruiz is a very lucky man. However, he simply cannot remember how he got to be there with a gun shot wound and losing pints of blood. No matter how lucky he feels, the police department want answers.

Ruiz cannot answer their questions. What was he doing on the Thames in the middle of the night? Who had shot him and why was he covered in different people's blood? A boat is found up river, and it looks as though a bloodbath had taken place. Did the boat have something to do with Ruiz and his shattered memory?

All Ruiz does know is that it involves the disappearance of Mickey Carlyle three years ago. Her body was never found and a man is in prison for her abduction and murder. So why does Ruiz feel Mickey is still alive? Ruiz, with the help of his doctor friend, Joe, replays those lost days and tries to find out what really happened to that seven year old girl who literally vanished into thin air.

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I have to confess that I picked up this paperback whilst eating my cornflakes with the intention of reading just a few pages. The next thing I knew I had read 50 pages, and withing days I had finished the book after not being able to put it down! The writing is fluid and moves easily from chapter to chapter. Cleverly, there always seemed to be a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter - so you just had to keep reading on… Ruiz is a bit of a sad cop who has outlasted his days according to his superiors. It is his tenacity in the face of their criticism that drives him to find out the truth behind what happened to him. The story involves a masterly sleight of hand and takes you from the mansions of the upper classes to the sewers of London. This really is a wonderful read and one I highly recommend to take with you to the beach this summer. Before reading, I suggest you top up with plenty of suntan lotion, because once you get into this book, believe me, nothing else will matter! To read the opening chapter online visit

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