Karin Fossum

The Drowned Boy

"...certainly one that will ensure you remember the story far beyond closing the book. "


'He'd just learnt to walk,' she said. 'He was sitting playing on his blanket, then all of a sudden he was gone.'

A 16-month-old boy is found drowned in a pond right by his home. Chief Inspector Sejer is called to the scene as there is something troubling about the mother's story. As even her own family turns against her, Sejer is determined to get to the truth.

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In 'The Drowned Boy', the eleventh outing for Inspector Sejer, Karin Fossum proves once more why she is so successful. As usual Fossum delves deeply into the minds and motivations of the characters, more so than the incident itself, but she does it so well that it's easy to feel in tune with those involved, and get wound up in both their emotions and your own reaction to what is happening to them. There is definitely one character in here that I took a complete and instant dislike to, and deservedly so it seems. It opens with a detailed description of the process of drowning, which given the premise of the novel, can prove a little disturbing but it's an opener you won't forget. It's a successful hook that leads you quickly into the story. I read 'The Drowned Boy' in just a couple of sittings as it's a compelling tale that asks some hard moral questions, which I'm sure will trigger some interesting thoughts and conversations on how you would react in a similar situation. Once more it is perfect for fans of the series, and new readers alike as knowledge of previous novels is not a pre-requisite to enjoying this one. It also has an ending that I can foresee creating much debate amongst fans. Whilst it's a different approach from the norm it is certainly one that will ensure you remember the story far beyond closing the book.

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