Daniel Silva

The Defector

"...entertaining and up to date. "


Gabriel Allon, Israeli spy and highly talented art restorer, is busy in Italy restoring a renaissance masterpiece and enjoying his honeymoon with his new wife, Chiara. He is not allowed to enjoy the peace for long as the actions of his enemy, Ivan Kharkov, mean that those people who helped him in his last case are in extreme danger. He is dragged back into the fast and dangerous world of espionage and international intrigue. The action spans the world from a wilderness of the United States, to Italy, to London, to the bankers of Switzerland and, not least, the frozen wastes of Russia.

Unspeakable cruelty, amazing skills, true bravery and fast action are all part of the exciting story which builds up to a satisfying finale.

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Silva gives us a very exciting and gripping story that is difficult to put down. Allon is a hero in the James Bond mode who is attractive, ruthless and extremely efficient. He hobnobs with the great and the good from many nations as well as nefarious and evil members of society. The sheer effrontery and single-minded cold-bloodedness he displays is breathtaking. He is not a character you would like as a member of your family, but he possesses the charm and power that attracts the would-be heroes in us all. The fast moving plot is entertaining and up to date. We have an insight into what might be the world of espionage and politics. There is sufficient detail to make us think it could all be true, and that is scary. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as an exciting read.

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