Neil White

The Death Collector

""...a fantastically paced thriller which had me engrossed from the first line." "


Joe Parker is Manchester's top criminal defence lawyer and Sam Parker - his brother - is a brilliant detective with the Greater Manchester Police force. Together they must solve a puzzling case that is chilling Manchester to the bone.

Danger sometimes comes in the most unexpected guises. The Death Collector is charming, sophisticated and intelligent, but he likes to dominate women, to make them give themselves to him completely; to surrender their dignity and their lives. He's a collector of beautiful things, so once he traps them he'll never let them go.

Joe is drawn into the Death Collector's world when he becomes involved in a supposed miscarriage of justice. When the case begins to get dangerous, Sam is the first person he turns to.

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Sometimes we all need to stop the world and climb off for a while. Whenever I get like that, I scour Mount To-Be-Read in search of a book to soothe my tired brain while holding enough of my attention to keep me entertained while I retreat into myself until I feel human again. Having read Neil White's previous books, I knew I'd be in good hands. Boy, did he deliver just what I needed. 'The Death Collector' is a fantastically paced thriller which had me engrossed from the first line. The plot weaves its way through a minefield of legal jiggery-pokery and was so wonderfully crafted that not only did I fail to guess the killer, but my guess was a long, long way away from being correct in any fashion. Joe & Sam Parker are a fine pair of leads although for some reason I prefer Joe to Sam. This implies no fault on the part of author or character, it's merely a reflection of my own tastes. The supporting cast is beautifully assembled, with Carl Jex being the best of a very good bunch. As you'd expect from a lawyer who writes, every word is chosen with care to progress the story while leaving a memory of characters or the scent of a well depicted scene. If you are a fan of fast paced police thrillers you'd be a fool not to add this to your reading pile. It certainly brightened my day.

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