Jonathan Santlofer

The Death Artist

"This is a fast moving story set against a novel and unusual background."


Set in New York's art community this is about a series of murders mimicking famous paintings - using the victims as tableaux. Caught up in this is ex NYPD cop Kate McKinnon who is devastated by the discovery of the body of her protégé.

Kate has moved on in life and is now a well-known art historian who is married to a wealthy lawyer and patron of the arts. Her knowledge of art history and her closeness to some of the victims gradually reveal that Kate is intrinsically important to the murderer and soon she is drawn back to taking an active part in the hunt for the killer.

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This is a fast moving story set against a novel and unusual background. The writer has a great knowledge of both the art and the community in which the tale is set. This makes for a convincing and enjoyable read. The insight into both the talent and the pseudo talent of the art world is intriguing. The murders are particularly gruesome and - if that is your scene - it is certainly well done. Where the writer is telling the tale I enjoyed this book. Some of the descriptions of the wealth and lifestyles of the rich I found less entertaining…

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