John Rickards

The Darkness Inside

"…brilliantly written…"


Seven years ago Cody Williams was the FBI's prime suspect in a series of horrific New England abductions. Seven years ago Alex Rourke put Cody Williams behind bars. Now Cody Williams is dying. He wants to set the record straight. And he'll talk only to Alex . . .

Former FBI agent Rourke has successfully re-invented himself as a private detective, but he's still haunted by the Williams case. Facing the monster again will mean squaring up to some demons from the past. For Cody has nothing left to lose – and a big final hand to play. When it appears that one of Cody's victims, Holly Tynon, might still be alive, Alex is left to make a terrible choice that, either way, will mean the end of at least one life.

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The book opens with Alex Rourke, a Private Investigator, being asked to speak to a serial killer he put in prison some years ago. Wondering how this could lead to a mystery when I already knew the killer, and that he had been arrested, this doubt had soon been forgotten as I was lost in the first few pages. Rickards was able to make a mystery out of a crime that had already been solved, and still managed to add yet more intrigue. The Darkness Inside was a book that contained suspense, the hunter and hunted, twists and turns, and was brilliantly written. The characters were so spot on that the author almost had me feeling empathy for a serial killer! This is a book that is so good you will continue to read it in your mind even after you have finished turning the pages.

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