Mark Terry

The Darkness and the Deep

""...anyone looking for a quick action fix would do well to choose this e-book." "


When a Pakistan based Al Qaeda cell is raided a laptop reveals plans to stage attacks on five of America's major cities. The attacks are to involve biological weapons, dirty bombs and possibly even a nuclear weapon. To make matters worse the attacks are scheduled for Election Day!

Derek Stillwater, the trouble shooter for the Department of Homeland Security, is designated a role in one of the multiagency teams, who only have two days to prevent the attacks. As they close in on their targets, Derek starts to believe that they have been tricked and the attacks are really a smokescreen for another terrorist plot.

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This is the second novel of Mark Terry's I have read and just like it's predecessor, 'The Valley of Shadows' is a balls out high stakes action thriller. The plot is a nice interpretation of a common theme and the fresh perspective elevates the whole story. Stillwater is a decent lead who carries the story well without breaking any new ground. His insights and disregard for rules are what makes the tale come alive on the page. O'Reilly and Connolly are able partners but it is the evil Kalakar who is the stand out character. The pace of the novel oscillates between frantic and manic which means the unwitting reader will devour 'The Valley of Shadows' before they know it. The directness of Terry's prose drives the pace of the novel beautifully and anyone looking for a quick action fix would do well to choose this e-book.

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