Tom Wood

The Darkest Day

""...a high octane plot which races both character and reader along in a global game of wits." "


She moves like a shadow; she kills silently: Raven. This elegant assassin has been on the run for years. This time though, she has picked the wrong target.

The hitman known only as 'Victor' is as paranoid as he is merciless, and is no stranger to being hunted. He tracks his would-be killer across the globe, aiming not only to neutralise the threat, but to discover who wants him dead. The trail leads to New York... and then the lights go out.

Over twelve hours of unremitting darkness, Manhattan dissolves into chaos. Amid looting, conspiracy and blackout, Victor and Raven play a vicious game of cat and mouse that the city will never forget.

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There's something about Wood's anti-hero Victor which has got under my skin. He's a stone cold killer with a clinical detachment. I shouldn't like him, want him to succeed or be happy when he does. But I do and I am. Such is the author's skill at characterisation he has me loving someone I should hate. Twice if you count Raven. Yes she's the baddie, but the way Wood introduces her character shows her to be nothing but a female version of Victor. (I was going to make some kind of Victor/Victoria wisecrack here but the editor in me, well… edited.) The plot is neither straightforward nor overly laden with twists. Instead it's a vehicle for a high octane plot which races both character and reader along in a global game of wits. The one thing I've learned from reading this magnificent novel is that while I might miss Victor, he wouldn't miss me!

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