Jeffery Deaver

The Cutting Edge

" with all Deaver novels it is the plot that keeps changing with every page."


The happiest time of their lives - will be their last.

William and Anna went to collect her engagement ring. One and a half carats, almost flawless… but the Promisor had other ideas for their future.... their murder - and that of the diamond cutter they were visiting - is only the first of a series of macabre attacks. Someone is targeting couples just as they start their lives together.

Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs, newly married themselves, are on the hunt, but the killer is hunting down any witnesses who can help them. He has promised one thing: to destroy. Rhyme and Sachs will have to use all their own skills and determination to break his vow.

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Rhyme and Sachs are back with their team to find the killer targeting engaged couples. Using the latest laboratory machines and Rhyme's intelligence and cunning, few crimes get past him. After struggling with Deaver's last book, I was hopeful that 'The Cutting Edge' would draw me back in… and it did. Rhyme is still solving the crimes from his lab in his home. Rhyme and Sachs are still together, now married. The usual group of regulars still appear in the story and Sachs still walks the scene to gather evidence. Whilst the plot is clever, and as always Deaver's writing is of a very high standard, I had a feeling of deja vu. Change the name of the villains, swap the collected evidence to suit the new location, and this felt similar to other Deaver novels. That's not to say I didn't enjoy reading the book (although it wasn't until the second half that the investigation really gets going), but more I feel the stories would benefit from changes being made to keep it fresh. Despite this, as with all Deaver novels it is the plot that keeps changing with every page. Just when you think you have solved part of the puzzle, something else is thrown at you to change your way of thinking. The Promisor who is targeting couples is only the tip of the iceberg. Deaver delivers an easy, yet exciting read with a plot that kept me guessing to the end.

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