Cathy Ace

The Corpse With The Ruby Lips

""I find Ace’s novels very comforting." "


Professor Cait Morgan is spending a month lecturing in the University of Budapest. Originally, her husband, Bud was due to join her but circumstances at home mean she is spending most of the month on her own. When one of her students, Zsofia, appeals to her for help in solving a murder that took place forty years previously on the campus of Cait's own university, she is sufficiently intrigued to enlist Bud's help back home as well as following up the story with Zsofia's relations in Hungary. Zsofia's uncle turns out to be a world famous author with an impressive back catalogue. There is more to be published but he appears to have some connection to the events in Canada back in the 70's. Someone is very determined that she does not find out what really happened and Cait is dragged into some extremely dangerous situations.

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This another very satisfying story from Cathy Ace. Cait Morgan is a very human character who uses her impressive talents to solve the crime with empathy and understanding, and with enough human faults to endear her to the reader. This time the scene is set in yet another exotic location. Budapest is an historical city with enough romance and excitement for all. The wonderful cafes and music are beautifully described through Cait's eyes. It all adds a touch of spice to this book. I find Ace's novels very comforting. The scene is set, the puzzle posed and Cait uses her wit and ingenuity to survive threats and danger to arrive at a satisfactory solution. A very strong addition to this very appealing series.

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