Cathy Ace

The Corpse with the Emerald Thumb

""...a rattling good story with lots of clues and numerous suspects. ""


Cait Morgan, Canadian with Welsh roots, is holidaying in Mexico with Bud, a retired cop with some interesting extra-curricular history. Just arrived and settling in, Cait is plunged into a nightmare situation where Bud is charged with murdering a woman in a flower shop in front of the apartment where Cait is watching through the window. She only has the chance for a few words with Bud and those words lead her back to Jack, Bud's ex colleague, and some shocking revelations about Bud's past. Convinced of his innocence, Cait wants to prove that Bud is only a victim of circumstances. The local police chief is aware of Cait's reputation as Professor of Criminology at the prestigious Vancouver University and wants to use her expertise to solve the crime quickly before the national police get involved.

As she gradually discovers the background to the apparently idyllic holiday spot, the jealousies and greed of the inhabitants begin to emerge. All is not as it seems on the surface and her particular gift of being able to recall events vividly comes in very useful.

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I really enjoyed this book. It is a rattling good story with lots of clues and numerous suspects. As others have said, there is a touch of Agatha Christie in the way that the lone detective works out the puzzles using her own knowledge and intuition, whilst hiding her gifts from the rest of the characters. In this way it comes to a very satisfying ending with all the red herrings and clues tied up. This comes highly recommended for a non-threatening evening of comfortable reading.

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