Jeffery Deaver

The Cold Moon

"Deaver is the master of suspense and false leads, and The Cold Moon is no exception."


On a freezing December night, with a full moon hovering in the black sky over New York City, two people are brutally murdered - the death scenes marked by eerie, matching calling cards; moon-faced clocks that investigators fear ticked away the victims' last moments on earth.

Renowned criminologist, Lincoln Rhyme, immediately identifies the clock distributor and has the chilling realization that the killer - who has dubbed himself the Watchmaker - has more murders planned in the hours to come. Rhyme, a quadriplegic long confined to his wheelchair, immediately taps his trusted partner and long time love, Amelia Sachs, to walk the grid and be his eyes and ears on the street. But she has other commitments now - namely, her first assignment as lead detective on a homicide of her own.

As Sachs struggles to balance her pursuit of the infuriatingly elusive Watchmaker with her own case she unearths shocking revelations about the police force that threaten to undermine her career, her sense of self and her relationship with Rhyme. As the Rhyme-Sachs team shows evidence of deepening fissures, the Watchmaker is out there, methodically stalking his victims and planning a diabolical criminal masterwork…

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Rhyme and Sachs return with the regular supporting cast to track down the Watchmaker. In usual Deaver fashion, nothing about this plot is straightforward or as it initially seems. Deaver is the master of suspense and false leads, and The Cold Moon is no exception. Whilst the reader is aware of the relationship between Sachs and Rhyme, Deaver always concentrates on the crime and forensic details of the story, which are the parts he obviously excels at. The characters, whilst always keeping their main traits, grow with each book. Whilst hardened Deaver fans may be slightly disappointed with the low body count in his latest offering, The Cold Moon lacks none of Deaver's usual pace and excitement and, as usual, comes highly recommended.

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