Erin Kelly

The Burning Air

""...a definite page turner that once picked up cannot be put down..." "


The MacBrides have always gone to Far Barn in Devon for Bonfire Night, but this year everything is different; Lydia, the matriarch, is dead. Her children also have their own problems whilst struggling to cope with this bittersweet annual celebration and their grief. Sophie, the eldest daughter, is desperately trying to repair a crumbling marriage whilst Felix, the youngest of the family, has brought a girlfriend with him - for the first time.

The girlfriend, Kerry, appears odd but no-one can really say why and later they leave her looking after Sophie's baby daughter. However, on returning they find both Kerry and the baby gone which then leads to events that will change their lives forever.

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Following on from her two previous novels, 'The Burning Air' once again highlights the originality of Erin Kelly's plot lines and her ability to build anticipation that, in my opinion, is rarely matched by other thriller/suspense writers. Her ability of taking something everyday and warping it into something dark and twisted, whilst effortlessly weaving sequences from all parts of the characters lives is not something everyone can do. 'The Burning Air' is based around a family who have a secret in the past that comes back seeking vengeance. Told from different character perspectives in both the past and present, it brings to life a tale focussed on the extreme lengths to which revenge can be taken through an intricate story of twisted threads that begin to unravel slowly until disentangling rapidly to the resulting climax. Erin has the ability of starting at a point of normality and slowly unfolding the narrative in a way that intrigues. By balancing the delicacies of human nature and demonstrating how light can change to dark with changing circumstances, she takes you into the darkness and perversion underneath everything until providing a climax that is perfect for the book and the readers ongoing thoughts. This book is a definite page turner that once picked up cannot be put down, with an inventive plot and characters that grab you and hold on tight whilst steering you through the subtle complexities.

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