Jesse Kellerman

The Brutal Art

""Ethan Muller is both fascinating and believable..." "


Art dealer Ethan Muller is asked by a family friend to look at some pictures left in an abandoned flat. The pictures form a huge montage which is disturbing, but undoubtedly brilliant. He arranges a New York exhibition for the works of art and very soon collectors start bidding to buy the pieces. However, for one retired policeman, his interest in the collection goes beyond art appreciation. He believes that one of the pictures depicts the faces of children that were horribly murdered thirty years earlier, a case that is still unsolved.

Although initially sceptical, Ethan is soon drawn into a case that threatens both his professional and private life.

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This is an excellent new novel from Jesse Kellerman. The idea of art holding the key to past misdemeanours is not a new concept but I liked the way that the book integrates this story into modern art. The author clearly knows a lot about modern art and I was left with a strong impression as to how the art appears. The character of Ethan Muller is both fascinating and believable. Kellerman writes well about family disputes and how generations can conceal a shameful secret. The book moves well between the different generations and all of the narratives hold up well to close scrutiny. Highly recommended.

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