Pater Temple

The Broken Shore

""....a fascinating read..." "


Joe Cashin is an Australian homicide detective now running a police station in Port Monro. He leads the investigation into a local millionaire, Charles Burgoyne, who is found murdered with his expensive watch stolen.

Suspicion falls on the local aboriginal community but a stake-out results in the accidental death of two aboriginal youths, possibly with the complicity of the racist Detective Hopgood. The pressure is on Joe Cashin to solve the case and diffuse the tension in the small town.

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This is an excellent novel by Peter Temple. He is not a writer I have heard of before but seems to be well known in Australia. The book is a fascinating read because it sets out a taut and well-constructed murder investigation and contains vivid descriptions of the small Australian town with its racial tensions. There were a few references in the book to previous inquiries, and I presume there have been previous novels featuring Joe Cashin. However, this in no way detracted from the excellent plot. I look forward to the next Peter Temple book to be published in the UK.

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