Nick Louth

The Body Under The Bridge

""...certainly kept my attention from beginning to end. ""


It seems like a routine disappearance, a case of musician's stage fright. As a senior detective, Craig Gillard isn't sure why he's even involved. Until it turns out the woman's father is the German Minister of Justice, and the British Home Secretary is on the case too.

But nothing about the case is simple. How does a woman on a train simply vanish? What do you do when a trail runs cold and the pressure is on?

Before long the perpetrator has another target: DCI Gillard himself. What if the detective isn't just running the case, but is part of it? The victim merely a lure for a bigger fish.

The answer is under the bridge. The chilling setting for the biggest challenge of his life.

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I really enjoyed this story and it certainly kept my attention from beginning to end. Louth delivers what I call a 'solid police procedural'. He gets on with the case in hand whilst also giving depth to his characters, particularly DCI Gillard. This is the fifth in the series and although I haven't read the previous four, I was able to pick up quite a lot from Louth filling in the gaps for me. Having said that, I was very impressed with this book that I have got the previous four to read. What else to do during lockdown than a batch of good crime books from a newly discovered author? Canelo is coming out with very strong crime writers at the moment and Louth is one of those I will be following from now on!

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