Marcus Sakey

The Blade Itself

"… a real page-turner…"


Evan and Danny were as close as brothers, but when a robbery on a pawnshop goes wrong, Evan is caught and jailed. Shocked into clarity, Danny, his accomplice, flees the scene....

Seven years later and Danny has turned his life around. He's also turned his back on crime and is now the manager of a successful construction company. Then Evan is released, and he wants the debt for his silence repaid. He wants Danny to join him on one last job....

Brutalised and desperate, Evan holds all the cards. At every turn, Danny tried to do the right thing, but with terrible inevitability, every decision seems to push him ever deeper into trouble. Until, with no one to turn to, Danny fears for all he holds dear - and his life...

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Marcus Sakey is an exciting new author. The Blade is his debut novel. I found the style very easy to read, and he was very informative with his descriptions of both characters and places without being too wordy. I did feel that the characters were, perhaps, a little predictable. We see the 'bad guy from prison'; the 'street kid trying to turn his life around'; 'girlfriend standing by her man' et al. I also found the situations to be a little tame and predictable too. That said, it was a real page-turner and the story was sound and very well written. I look forward to the next book by this talented new author.

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