Charles Brokaw

The Atlantis Code

"A rip roaring adventure..."


Dr Thomas Lourdes is the world's foremost ancient linguist. Whilst in Alexandria he is shown an historic bell which is inscribed with writing in a language he has never come across before. The bell is stolen from Lourdes' possession amid an unprovoked and unexpected attack which prompts the reluctant professor to try to solve the riddle of the unknown language, whilst battling against a shadowy group who seem determined to stop his efforts at any cost.

His quest leads him to discover that the bell is one of a set of ancient instruments which hold a powerful secret written in the archaic language. Lourdes is consulted by a Russian colleague and he embarks upon a race across Europe trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, who not only want the knowledge he has but also want to kill him to prevent him sharing this knowledge.

The Vatican meanwhile is exploring under a cloud of controversy a site in Spain which has been uncovered by an earthquake. Is this the site of Atlantis? What role do the musical instruments play with their ancient inscriptions in an unknown language? Why is the Vatican taking such an interest? These are the questions that Dr Lourdes has to find the answers to before his pursuers catch up with him.

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A rip roaring adventure which sees an unlikely hero thrust into a situation not of his choosing but just too intriguing to ignore. Brokaw's debut novel is a well written tale that rockets along at an incredible pace whilst giving a broad and plausible background to the story of a professor deciphering a language 20,000 years old. An unlikely yet entertaining band of comrades keep the professor company during his romp across Europe, with each character contributing something different to the group as a whole. The interplay between these varied characters helps to maintain the frantic pace and atmosphere of the book. The novel shines a different light upon the legend of Atlantis whilst still managing to tie in some established theories. With a few twists in the plot before the final reveal of the shadowy conspiracy dogging Dr Lourdes' movement and actions, this can only be described as an accomplished beginning for an author and character who may entertain us for years to come.

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