Mark Gimenez

The Abduction

"… impossible to put down."


Ten-year-old Gracie Ann Brice is the ultimate tomboy and she knows how to take care of herself. When her mother comes to collect her from soccer practice one day, she is told that Gracie has already left with her uncle.

The only trouble is, Grace has no uncle.

The nightmare has become a reality for her parents, John and Elizabeth Brice. But it's Ben Brice, Grace's tough, ex-soldier grandfather, who's hit hardest by her disappearance - and it's he who goes with John to get her back. And if he needs to break some bones along the way, then that's just what he'll do.

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Since reading Gimenez's debut novel, the Colour of Law, I was eagerly awaiting his latest book, the Abduction. And, whilst it was not the legal thriller I was expecting, Gimenez has proved that he can move effortlessly from the Courtroom to the war fields of Vietnam and the high tech world of computers to put together yet another explosive thriller that is impossible to put down. Again, Gimenez has a strong lead character in the form of a child, who is both witty and intelligent, with humorous dialogue being played out. Whilst the ending may be a tad 'happy ever after' don't for one minute be fooled into thinking there aren't plenty of twists and turns, and a plot that keeps you guessing right until the end. Definitely not one to miss.

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