Richard Jay Parker

Stop Me

"" this the Internet’s version of Pandora’s Box? " "


When Leo's wife, Laura, disappears during drinks in their favourite bar his life comes to an abrupt halt. Not knowing what happened to his wife means Leo is obsessed with only one thing - Laura. At the time of her disappearance there were a series of murders who were all victims of the 'Vacation Killer'. Was Laura one of his victims? If so, why wasn't the same MO followed as with the other women?

Leo begins an email conversation with a Bookwalter in America who boasts that he is the Vacation Killer. With only cyber breadcrumbs to work with, Bookwalter baits Leo with suggestions that Laura is with him. Is it true or is Bookwalter another freak looking for his moment as a celebrity. As Leo becomes more involved with this mystery man who invites him to the States, events take another scary twist.

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Stop Me is a gripping tale with a different angle. Having read this book it has made me think twice about the credibility of what I read on the web. For all the good the Internet has brought to the world, it has also unleashed a darker side - is this the Internet's version of Pandora's Box? The web has given a platform to many freaks and Parker has used that in this story. I really enjoyed this novel and with a steady hand Parker leads us by the nose to a surprising ending. The communication between Bookwalter and Leo brings an added quality and menace to the plot, although I did feel the story did slump a little during Leo's visit to America. However, Parker ends his tale with a full-on finale wrapping up a very assured debut. Stop Me is definitely worth putting on your book list.

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