Leigh Russell

Stop Dead

"...there is an ever growing sense of urgency as events spiral out of control."


When a successful businessman is brutally murdered, the finger of suspicion points to his glamourous wife and her toyboy lover. When the bodies of his business partner and a third man are found with the same injuries the police are bewildered.

The only clue for DI Geraldine Steel is DNA which leads her down a series of dead ends. Can she solve the case before the killer strikes again?

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'Stop Dead' is a whodunit of the highest order. The tightly written plot kept me guessing all the way. Yes I had the clues and was close to the identity of the killer in one sense, but in another way Russell beat me – in the battle of wits between author and reader – as she has created an intricate plot with mystery on multiple levels. The pace increases as the pages turn and there is an ever growing sense of urgency as events spiral out of control. Geraldine Steel is a strong lead and I particularly like the way Russell is slowly revealing her back story over the course of the series. Sam is a decent partner who complements Steel rather than competing with her. Amy and Guy are carefully drawn and the snapshots of the killer are artfully constructed. With its neat prose and heightening tension, 'Stop Dead' kept me entertained while I was suffering from a very severe bout of 'manflu'. Trust me, this book is a better remedy than Lemsip!

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