James Patterson

Step on a Crack

""... an exhilarating, high-octane powered ride that you won’t be able to get off until you have finished the final page!" "


When the former first lady of the United States suddenly dies, you know that her funeral is going to become a huge production with the crème de la crème of the film and music industry in attendance. Add to that all the heavyweight politicians and you know here is a disaster just waiting to happen. And happen it does. As the funeral begins, the church is hijacked and, after ejecting security staff and anyone not on the cover of a magazine in some country or other, the ones left behind are very high-profiled indeed.

Detective Michael Bennett is pulled in to the fray, much against his wishes. Bennett's wife is dying of cancer, his ten children are going through a very emotional time and although it is only days before Christmas he hasn't even bought a tree yet! Soon Bennett becomes the main negotiator to the man who has planned this scheme for a long time. He is racing around New York trying to bring this situation to an amicable and blood free conclusion. Can he do it?

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Welcome to Patterson country! Step On A Crack is an exhilarating, high-octane powered ride that you won't be able to get off until you have finished the final page! After a few false starts on some of Patterson's recent novels, this one delivers the punch that Patterson has garnered a name for. High powered, jet propelled thrillers. This latest novel introduces Detective Michael Bennett and the whole clan including his ten children, his grandfather, Seamus, and the new au pair, Mary Catherine. This book brings all the electricity of the current from a lightening bolt to the tenderness Michael feels towards his wife as she loses her fight. I read this book in a day - not difficult with a book that calls to you to finish it whenever you put it down to make a cup of coffee. It seems that after a couple of average books from the Patterson brand, the master is finally back in the driving seat. Long may he remain there!

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