Harlan Coben

Stay Close

"Stay Close’ is a brilliant read which is dark, thrilling and thoroughly entertaining."


Megan is the typical suburban soccer mom with two kids and a doting husband. Her new family have no idea that she used to walk on the wild side of life. Ray was once a talented documentary photographer, who as he approaches his fortieth birthday works as a fake paparazzo, snapping away at fame obsessed rich kids. Broome is a detective who is driven to solve a cold case – the disappearance of a local husband and father seventeen years ago.

As the past comes back to haunt the present, the three people who have hidden secrets from those closest to them come to learn that the past never lets go. As they battle to confront their own demons and find a resolution their idyllic all American dreams may just end in tatters.

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Bringing the past lives of his characters into a modern mystery is what Harlan Coben does best and he reaches new heights with 'Stay Close'. The tale starts off fast and gets quicker and more compelling with every passing chapter. The prose is as neat as you would expect from an author of Coben's stature and is interspersed with some wonderful passages and his trademark witty asides. The plot is nicely convoluted without being over complicated and it also carries a strong message which will be bang on track with all right thinking people. It is however with characterisation where Coben's light shines brightest for me. The trio of damaged leads evoked sympathy, understanding and respect from me. Ray has a marvellously sardonic wit, Megan hides nothing about her past and Broome is a caring detective who goes the extra mile. Also worth a mention are Lorraine and the murderous couple who are the best baddies I have read this year. 'Stay Close' is a brilliant read which is dark, thrilling and thoroughly entertaining.

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